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We’re thinking of ideas on collecting, preserving, and celebrating 20th Century boys’ and girls’ series books in the 21st century! If you’d like to give your input and also share some memories on reading and collecting your favorite series, you can fill out our short survey below–if you have the capability to use your computer to fill it out, you can send it back as a file via e-mail. You can copy and paste the text into an e-mail and add your responses or you can print it out and then fill it out and send it via snail mail to:

Jennifer Fisher
P.O. Box 128
Higley, AZ 85236-0128


Click HERE for the PDF version of the survey!


Q’ 1: When did you start collecting series books?

Q’ 2: What series do you collect?

Q’ 3: What is your favorite boys’ series?

Q’ 4: What is your favorite girls’ series?

Q’ 5: Why do you prefer these series over others?

Q’ 6: What draws you to collecting vintage series books?

Q’ 7: How do you display your collection?

Q’ 8: How many books are in your collection?

Q’ 9: Do you collect collectible items, paper ephemera, and other objects related to series books?

Q’ 10: What do you plan to do with your collection once you pass on?

Q’ 11: Do you insure your collection?

Q’ 12: Do you keep a record or database of your collection? If so, how do you organize it?

Q’ 13: Do you do anything archival to protect your books? Your collectible items and paper ephemera?

Q’ 14: What series books did you read as a child?

Q’ 15: Are those favorites still your favorites today as an adult?

Q’ 16: What is the most interesting thing you have learned since beginning your series book collection?

Q’ 17: How do you clean and/or restore books in your collection? Or do you?

Q’ 18: What is the rarest book in your collection?

Q’ 19: Share your best book find.

Q’ 20: Where did the bulk of your collection come from?

Q’ 21: Where do you like to find books: used book stores, antique stores, musty attics, eBay, other?

Q’ 22: Share a memory or memories about reading and collecting books in your collection. Interesting moments, highlights, fun times spent getting to know other collectors...

Q’ 23: Have you ever attended a series book event–conference or convention? What did you enjoy most about it?

Q’ 24: If you could attend an all boys’ and girls’ series convention event, what would you want to see done there? Any specifics for your favorite series? Be it types of books discussed, types of books sold, certain speakers who shouldn’t be left out, etc. (We’re looking to plan one for 2012 and early planning is key!)

Q’ 25: Ultimately, what do you get out of collecting and reading your series books?

Q’ 26: What do you think should be done to preserve the history of children’s series books and the more obscure series now out of print?

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