Nancy Drew Halloween Costume Ideas:

Click on the following image of Nancy for a very large image which you can print out to create a Nancy Drew mask. You can also resize for printing in your graphic programs and then have a copy shop enlarge or reduce to fit your size. Just cut out around Nancy's hair and face to form your mask image and then cut two holes on either side. Tie on a ribbon or twine on each side to tie at the back of your head. Or on the back of the mask, you can glue a flat paint stirrer stick or wooden dowel rod to one side so you can hold up the mask to your face.

Visit the Fun Stuff: Activities section for how to create your own sleuthing kit--a great costume accessory!

There are many different eras you can peruse through of Nancy Drew looks-from the 1930s flapper style to the 1950s bobby soxer style to the 1970s and 1980s groovy style to a more modern Nancy Drew. Check out your book covers for ideas or view the many of the covers here.

Two appropriate accessories for any Nancy Drew costume are a trusty flashlight and a handy magnifying glass. Consider dressing in dark clothes--appropriate for a sleuth--but add reflectors to your clothes so you won't blend too much into the dark spooky night!

You can also craft a fun necklace or belt using our Clip Art Craft section below. Just print the images onto stiff card stock, cut out, and punch holes. Thread ribbon through each image.


The following are thumbnails of various images of Nancy Drew and the books. You can click on them for larger versions that you can save or print to use in craft projects, school projects, and scrapbooks:

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