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Nancy Drew Sleuth Awards

The Nancy Drew Sleuths organization honors achievements in furthering the legacy of Nancy Drew and faithfully ensuring her enduring popularity for generations to come:

  • The Honorary Sleuth Award: Lifetime Achievement, Highest Honor
  • The Super Sleuths Award: Lifetime Achievement, Highest Honor for Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys
  • The Sleuth Award: Great achievement in furtherance of the legacy of Nancy Drew
  • The Sleuth Writing Award: Excellence in writing for The Sleuth

A list of award winners is posted below. To view the page on our first The Honorary Sleuth Award winner, Mildred Wirt Benson, please click here. Mildred was our first award recipient and the award was presented to her around her 96th birthday in July 2001.

Honorary Sleuth:

July 2001: Mildred A. Wirt Benson

May 2003: The Stratemeyer Family & The Russell H. Tandy Family

April 2010: Rudy Nappi

June 2013: Ruth Sanderson

June 2014: Pamela Sue Martin - "Nancy Drew"

March 2018: Nancy Axelrad - Former Stratemeyer Syndicate Partner & one of the Carolyn Keenes

The Super Sleuths Award:

June 2014: Parker Stevenson - "Frank Hardy"

The Sleuth Award:

April 2002: Carolyn Stewart-Dyer, Nancy Tillman Romalov in Iowa City, IA

October 2002: Phil Zuckerman, Applewood Books in Charlottesville, VA

December 2002: Her Interactive, Inc.

October 2009: David Farah, author of Farah's Guide

June 2014: Joyce Brotman & Arlene Sidaris - TV Producers from the 1970s Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys TV Shows

March 2018: Geoffrey S. Lapin - Scholar and writer who discovered Mildred Wirt Benson was Carolyn Keene

The Sleuth Writing Award:

April 2010: Todd H. Latoski

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