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2019 Convention Details -
Updated SEPTEMBER 07, 2018

View current convention info--bookmark this page and check back often for updates. Then below, view information on our past conventions. Interested in Attending? Are you a member of the media interested in profiling us? E-mail us here if you want info on the convention or want to be on our e-mail list for updates and information about it.

The Mystery Behind Following in Nancy Drew's Footsteps...

Our mission is to walk in Nancy Drew's footsteps each year at our conventions. We select a theme book--one of the classic 56 hardcover Nancy Drew books printed from 1930 to 1979--that is set in a real location and we do things that Nancy Drew and her chums did in the books. This adds that nostalgic flair to our conventions so they're much more special than a generic location! While we may not chase villains down dark alleys or sleuth for secret passageways (yet!), we do manage to mix real-life locations with book hunting and activities based on the mystery in the theme book(s) for a fabulous event of mystery and "mayhem."

The convention is a great time for series book collectors to meet, trade books and stories, and hunt for missing books from their collection. Conventions are open to anyone--you don't have to be a member of our group to attend. For more information on our conventions, check out our Convention FAQ Page.

2019 Toronto, Canada - Nancy Drew Convention

Register To Attend Our Convention...June 19-22, 2019 - Toronto, Canada

For more information on our conventions, check out our Convention FAQ Page. CONTACT US here with questions! Member of the Media? If you wish to contact us about the convention please do so!

Nancy Drew Convention Sponsors:



Convention Hotel: The Strathcona Hotel - 60 York St, Toronto, ON M5J 1S8, Canada.


Standard Rooms (1 queen or 2 twins) - $199/nt + taxes Canadian (USA: $151/night + taxes - the conversion rate as of 8/13/18. Rate subject to fluctuation.)

Executive Rooms (larger) w/ 2 double beds & fridge - $229/nt taxes Canadian (USA: $174/night + taxes - the conversion rate as of 8/13/18. Rate subject to fluctuation.)

Rates are based on single/double occupancy. $20 additional for each extra person in the room per night. They do not have a parking garage/lot but there are some nearby or you can do valet via the hotel for $39/night. Parking is expensive in downtown Toronto, so keep that in mind if you are driving.

If you are unfamiliar with exchange rates, when you travel outside of the US, when you convert your US $ to your host country's currency, there's an exchange rate. So for the example above, it only takes 151 US dollars (as of 8/13/18) to pay for 199 Canadian. Conversion rates fluctuate, the above quoted Canadian dollars of 199 and 229 will not change - so those prices are locked in, the exchange rate will determine how many US dollars those translate to when you travel. If you are in other countries, you can use an exchange calculator online to figure out your conversion rates.


You may click on this online booking link to book online or call their toll free number: 1-800-268-8304 or the direct line 416-363-3321 and request “Nancy Drew Convention” or group code “705470” for the group rate. The hotel will also extend the rate to pre/post convention days if you're coming in early or staying a little longer.

AIRPORT INFO: 2 possible airports in Toronto:

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

TRANSPORTATION INFO: We do not arrange your ground transportation for you. So, what you need to do for ground transportation to/from the hotel is check those sections of the airport websites above to see what is available. You can also check with the hotel to see what is recommended.


Theme Books: The Message in the Hollow Oak & Danger on the Great Lakes. 1995 Nelvana Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys TV Shows (filmed in Toronto).

Hollow Oak was revised, so be aware we are using the 1934 version with 25 chapters. The revised version of 20 chapters became an all new story. In the original, Nancy wins a contest and ends up winning land in Canada. Nancy and her chums travel to Canada and along the way discover there may be hidden gold on the property. Nancy's mystery helps reunite lost loves as well.

Area sites we'll be visiting include downtown locations where the TV shows were filmed, CN Tower, Casa Loma, Niagara Falls. More to come...


DATES: June 19-22, 2019
LOCATION: Toronto, Canada
THEMES: Nancy Drew #12, The Message in the Hollow Oak (original 1934 text - 25 chapter version), Nancy Drew Digest paperback #173, Danger on the Great Lakes, & the 1995 Nelvana Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys TV Shows.

Tentative Schedule:

Wed. June 19 - Meet & Greet Party Location/Theme TBD. Nancy Drew Gift Exchange.

Thurs. June 20 - Morning: Toronto Library Event with Presentations + Broadway Nancy Drew Play Preview & Performance. Toronto Reference Library, Arthur Conan Doyle Collection. Afternoon: Nancy Drew Clue & Casa Loma. Evening/Dinner: Swiss Chalet.

Fri. June 21 - All Day/Evening: Optional Day trip to Niagara Falls (free time at the falls) + Dinner there, late return back to Toronto. Or, on your own.

Sat. June 22 - Morning: Optional Walking tour in downtown Toronto of the 1995 TV Show sites. Lunch: CN Tower. Afternoon - free time. Evening: Nancy Drew Mystery Dinner Cruise on Lake Ontario.


HOW TO REGISTER:You must pay the fee and fill out and mail in (or e-mail) our Registration Forms to be officially registered.



Registrants help pay for the convention costs including but not limited to: parties & activities, any provided meals noted, tours provided and entry fees, equipment/room rentals, convention planning services, decorations, printing costs, advertising, goody bag supplies.

If there is an activity or set of activities you cannot do or wish not to, contact us ( via e-mail for an adjusted total on what to pay for your registration.



Get Cool Nancy Drew Convention Stuff!

Our 2019 goody bag won't be created until spring 2019 - we usually have books, games or journals, and more convention theme goodies which are not pictured since we put these together after our registration deadline passes which isn't until March 15. Deadline to purchase one of these is March 15, 2019. Cost is $45 which includes priority mail ship. If outside the USA, contact us for additional shipping to add in: Send check or money order to Nancy Drew Sleuths, P.O. Box 128, Higley, AZ 85236-0128 or request we invoice you via Pay Pal by e-mailing us.

We also sell lots of other fun Nancy Drew merchandise in our Cafe Press Nancy Drew Shop.

Our Next Adventures...

2019 - Fall Haunted Nancy Drew Savannah, GA Convention - mid-Oct 2019

2020 - Nancy Drew 90th Anniversary Convention - April 2020 - Hawaii Land & Sea(3 Day Land + 7 Day Cruise - Attend one or both (Seriously, start saving your pennies!)

NANCY DREW CON 1 - NEW YORK CITY - SEPT. OR OCT. 2020 - Mystery's IT Girl Event (This is an event in planning stages that depends on various factors, but we hope to produce it this year!)

2021 - Nancy Drew Sleuths - Half Price Books - Series Book Sleuth Con 3 Dallas, TX, Spring Date TBD

2022 - Nancy Drew Sleuths Convention - Seattle, WA & Alaskan Cruise

2023 - Nancy Drew Sleuths & Spies Convention - Washington, DC (The Mystery of the Ivory Charm)

2024 - Ft. Lauderdale - Miami/Key Biscayne - Crocodile Island/Sinister Omen/Hit and Run Holiday

2025 - Nancy Drew Sleuths 25th Anniversary Convention - Nancy Drew's 95th Anniversary - Honoring Where it all Began in 1930/2001 - Original Carolyn Keene - Ghostwriter Mildred Wirt Benson - Follow in a Real Life Nancy Drew's Footsteps to Galveston, TX & Royal Caribbean Cruise to stops including Yucatan (Mayan Ruins) & Cozumel (Tulum/Mayan Ruins)

2026 - Nancy Drew Files Convention (40th Anniv of Files Series) - Chicago, IL & Nancy Drew Hollow Oak (Revised Text)

2027 - Nancy Drew Broken Locket Convention - Maryland, Location TBD

2028 - Nancy Drew Ski Jump Convention - NY, USA/Montreal, Canada

2029 - Nancy Drew & Aunt Eloise Convention - NYC - Mystery of the Fire Dragon Con

2030 - Nancy Drew's 100th Anniversary Convention, Nancy Drew Sleuths 30th Anniversary - LOCATION TBD

Where We've Sleuthed...

The original "Carolyn Keene"
Mildred Wirt Benson, Toledo, OH, at first annual Sleuth convention
March 2001
Photo Copyright 2001, J. Fisher, All Rights Reserved.

Past Conventions & Highlights

March 2001: Toledo, Ohio. Members met the original "Carolyn Keene," Mildred Wirt Benson, and had books signed and asked lots of questions. They toured sites of Toledo, went book hunting, and ate dinner at a haunted restaurant.

April 2002: Iowa City, Iowa. Members visited The University of Iowa to view Mildred Wirt Benson's archives of photographs, outlines, letters, columns, stories, and ephemera. They visited with the organizers of the 1993 Nancy Drew Conference, held at the university, Carolyn Stewart-Dyer and Nancy Tillman Romalov and presentations were given. A trip to Ladora, Mildred's hometown, to view her childhood home and meet her family was a wonderful experience for all who attended.

April/May 2003: New York City, New York. Members spent a week touring sites of New York including Stratemeyer themed sites. Visits to the New York Public Library Stratemeyer archives were met with enthusiasm of members who got to delve into Stratemeyer Syndicate lore. Highlighting the week's activities and book hunting was a visit to a book dealer's home with thousands of series books and a local collector's huge Nancy Drew® collection spanning books, collectibles, and artwork. Capping off the week was a successful day of presentations from the Stratemeyer family, the Russell H. Tandy family, Simon & Schuster, Applewood Books, and Sharon Reid Harris.

March 2004: New Orleans, Louisiana. Members spent the week visiting historic and haunted sites in the French Quarter and outer lying areas, Nancy Drew® theme sites mentioned in the books set in New Orleans, went book and antique hunting, joined in on a crawfish boil and BBQ at a local collector's home, visited a historic plantation, attended a Nancy Drew® murder mystery party aboard a "haunted showboat" on its dinner and jazz cruise, and attended a day of presentations from Sleuth members Sharon Reid Harris, Todd Latoski, Meredith Jaffe, Rachel Smith, and presentations by Simon & Schuster and Gumshoe Girls.

October 2005: Phoenix, AZ. Members were treated to a Shadow Ranch and Kachina Doll Nancy Drew® theme during their week in Phoenix, AZ. Highlights include: Meet and Greet Dinner, Ghost Town tour and Dirk Valentine Treasure Hunt, Western Dinner, Kachina Doll collection tour, book hunting, Kachina Doll dinner and mystery hunt at "hacienda", tour of Jenn Fisher's collection, day of presentations from: Garrett Lothe, Renee Walker, Jenn Fisher, and Dean Burcham, book dealers set up. Game play of life size version of Nancy Drew® Mystery Game from the 1950s. Lots of prizes given out and trivia contests. 3 Goody Bags given out.

The Nancy Drew 75th & Stratemeyer Syndicate 100th Anniversary Conference was held June 16-19, 2005 in NYC, with a few Sleuth events. For details on the conference, click here.

October: 2006: Chicago, IL. Members toured "River Heights Country" while solving mysteries at Red Gate Farm and found a Hollow Oak treasure! Activities included: All Day Bus trip of book hunting, antiquing, visit to a real life Red Gate Farm, Hollow Oak treasure hunt, Sleuth Madonna's Red Gate Farm party, Chicago sightseeing, visit to the American Girl Store to view Nancy Drew® book on display, Danger on the Great Lakes dinner cruise on Lake Michigan, presentations at the Chicago Children's Museum, a Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza dinner, a Joker's Revenge game, and a fun Nancy Drew® theme gift exchange.

June: 2007: Pasadena, CA. The Sleuths had their first movie & TV theme convention, timed to the release of the Warner Brothers movie, Nancy Drew. Members toured the Huntington Library and viewed some sights where the Nancy Drew® movie was filmed, went book hunting, and played a Nancy Drew® cover art game. On the day of the movie's release, members held a Nancy Drew® 101 event at the Burbank Public Library, toured Warner Brothers Studios, and saw the Nancy Drew® movie. The Sleuths held their big convention day at the Pasadena Hilton and featured 7 speakers on a variety of topics, had book and merchandise sales, and that evening held a special 1930s Nancy Drew® murder mystery party complete with skits, a prize, and a fun Nancy Drew® theme gift exchange. A tour of Dave Farah's collection and BBQ was a highlight!

Sept-Oct: 2008: Bird-in-Hand, PA. The Sleuths headed to Witch Tree Country for a fun-filled convention! Members visited Hershey, PA and had their photos printed on chocolate bars, went book hunting and antiquing and found a few goodies, toured Amish farms, quilt shops, and went on a Witch Tree Clues Hunt. A hayride and a ghost tour were especially fun! Members spent a day in historic Philadelphia touring sights around Independence Square and those that Nancy visited in the SuperMystery, A Question of Guilt. A dinner at City Tavern complete with Revolutionary War era costumed servers was a treat. The Sleuths held their convention day at the Bird-in-Hand Family Inn complete with speakers: Author Jennifer Fisher, Nancy Drew Files Artist Tricia Zimic, Author Penny Warner, Crafty Sleuth Lea Fox, and Author and Professor Michael G. Cornelius. Dinner was a special smorgasbord and that was followed by a "barn dance" complete with our crafty Nancy Drew gift exchange, some singing, and a raffle for neat Nancy Drew prizes. And no one was hexed or accused of being a witch like Nancy in The Witch Tree Symbol!

Sept-Oct: 2009: Las Vegas, NV. Nancy Drew Sleuths followed in Nancy Drew's footsteps in Las Vegas and around the Valley of Fire State Park where the classic Nancy Drew book, #52 The Secret of the Forgotten City was set. A 70s disco style Nancy Drew meet and greet party was held to kick off the convention. Members bused to the Valley of Fire to compete in a Sleuth Survivor challenge--George Tribe won reward! A visit to the Lost City Museum just like Nancy and her chums in the book was informative and provided great background material for the book and Harriet Stratemeyer Adams who researched there in person before writing the book. Members completed a CSI: Nancy Drew mystery challenge complete with miniature crime scenes. Our big convention day featured 40 local fourth grade girls who were excited to learn more about Nancy Drew. Speakers Jennifer Fisher, Lea S. Fox, Dean Burcham, and guest of honor David Farah rounded out the event along with a Nancy Drew scrapbooking session. A 1940s Old-Time Vegas Gangster Mystery Dinner Party capped off the week's events including a festive Nancy Drew gift exchange.

April 6-10 & April 11-15: 2010: Merritt Island, FL and Cruise to Bahamas. Nancy Drew Sleuths held their 10th annual convention and an 80th anniversary cruise! Members followed in Nancy Drew's footsteps around Merritt Island for our Moss Mansion theme. We held parties at the homes of area collectors, attended a professional Nancy Drew trivia show, book hunted, visited NASA, toured an orange grove, lunched at Historic Cocoa Village, toured 2 treasure museums, visited Cocoa Beach Pier, hosted our annual convention with speakers, activities and a charity raffle to benefit the Merritt Island Public Library. Our honored guest was Nancy Drew illustrator Rudy Nappi. Members attended a Mystery dinner costume party and held our annual gift exchange.

Following our land event we took a 4 day Carnival Cruise from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas for the 80th anniversary of Nancy Drew. We held events on board, went sightseeing in the Bahamas, and held a convention day at sea with honored guests Rudy Nappi and Carolyn S. Dyer and a Nancy Drew costume party plus a fun scavenger hunt.

March 30 - April 3, 2011: Charlottesville, VA. Members attended this 11th annual convention by following in Nancy Drew's footsteps around Charlottesville for our Hidden Window theme. We held a festive meet and greet, visited Monticello, Michie Tavern, Ash Lawn-Highland, Seven Oaks, held an event at the local library with Nancy Drew ghostwriter Alison Hart, participated in a stained-glass craft activity, book hunted, went on a ghost tour, and held our annual convention day with speakers and a charity raffle to benefit the local library. Members attended a 50s/Clue theme mystery dinner costume party and held our annual gift exchange.

March 19 - March 25, 2012: Phoenix, AZ. For our 12th annual convention with our Kachina Doll Mystery and Shadow Ranch themes, we hosted a sub-convention - Sleuth Con, an all series book convention. Members stayed at the Gold Canyon Resort and spent the first part of the week touring around the Phoenix area viewing Jenn Fisher's collection, book hunting, Scottsdale house party, book discussion at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale, visited a ghost town and took part in The Amazing Case challenge, took a cruise on the Dolly Steamboat at Canyon Lake, and had a chuckwagon dinner at the Rockin' R. Ranch. The latter part of the week found guests solving a mystery with clues to hunt for around the resort and we hosted 3 days of presentations and activities culminating with our western theme mystery dinner party and annual gift exchange.

May 28 - June 2, 2013: Boston, MA. For our 13th annual convention with our Wooden Lady theme, we visited the Boston, MA area to tour local sights including local used book stores, The Wayside Inn, Louisa May Alcott's home, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, a vintage collection tour of a local collector, spent the day in Spooky Salem, MA and went on a ghost tour and clipper ship ride, and spent a day in Boston with historic sites and a clambake on Thompson Island. Our convention day of speakers included our Guest of Honor, Nancy Drew illustrator, Ruth Sanderson who we presented with our Honorary Sleuth Award. Rounding out our week was our mystery dinner party and annual gift exchange.

Jun 2 - June 8, 2014: San Diego, CA. For our 14th annual convention with our 70's TV Show Theme & Assorted Classic/Paperback Nancy Drew mysteries, Nancy Drew Sleuths sleuthed around San Diego for a fun-filled week. Members held a mystery theme meet & greet, took a trolley tour of San Diego, went on a ghost tour at the Whaley House Museum, visited the San Diego Zoo, toured a local collector's home, had a 70s Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys TV Show Bash with TV producers Arlene Sidaris and Joyce Brotman and actors Pamela Sue Martin and Parker Stevenson. They held a 3-day convention featuring Nancy Drew and other similar series books full of speakers, merchandise and evening events including an old-time radio show, cruised on the Bahia Belle, and held a 1930s Nancy Drew "Sleuth Punk"/"Steam Punk" Mystery dinner which included the annual Nancy Drew gift exchange.

April, May, June 2015: Iowa City, IA; Toledo, OH; and Maplewood, NJ - 3 Historic Nancy Drew Mini Cons. 2015 celebrated the 85th anniversary of Nancy Drew and the 110th anniversaries of Mildred Wirt Benson (original Carolyn Keene) and the Stratemeyer Syndicate. It was also the 15th anniversary of Nancy Drew Sleuths. We celebrated these anniversaries with historic mini conventions set in places related to the history behind the mystery and those who created Nancy Drew. Our IA convention was also our River Heights convention complete with a River Heights day set in Muscatine, IA along the Mississippi River. We helped sponsor and dedicate a Literary Landmark at the Toledo Public Library to Mildred Wirt Benson for her books and series including Nancy Drew. In NJ, we celebrated the Stratemeyer Syndicate with tours to Syndicate related sites including the lovely Bird Haven Farm, owned at one time by the Harriet Stratemeyer Adams. We hosted library events at each convention and donated sets of Nancy Drew books to each library.

April 20 - April 24, 2016: New Orleans, LA. For our 16th annual convention with we returned to New Orleans, a fan favorite to laissez les bon temps rouler! We hosted a meet & greet event, took a roadtrip to Cajun Country with plantation and swamp tours, our Sleuth Survivor event, crawfish dinner, hosted a library event at the New Orleans Public Library and donated a full set of the Nancy Drew books to the library. A trip to the French Quarter would not be the same without a ghost tour! We cruised on the Natchez steamboat and held a masquerade mystery soiree at Antoine's Restaurant.

October 12 - October 14, 2017: Ogunquit, ME. Nancy Drew fans came to Ogunquit, Maine, in the fall of 2017, the more than coincidental inspiration for the setting and town/cove in The Mystery of the Tolling Bell. Members went to a Mon Coeur M&G party where they made heart craft necklaces and their own perfume and cologne scents, did a Nancy Drew clues challenge around the hotel property, got tricks and treats and goody bags, held a vintage book and merchandise event, went on a spooky Friday the 13th ghost tour along the Marginal Way, cruised on the Atlantic for a scenic lighthouse boat tour that took them past Bald Head Cliff from the book, got to M&G with 70s Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys TV Show stars Pamela Sue Martin and Parker Stevenson to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the TV shows and held a mystery dinner at Jonathan's Restaurant complete with a mysterious escape box challenge.

April 25 - April 28, 2018: Key West, FL. Nancy Drew fans held their 18th annual convention in Key West - our theme books were The Clue of the Black Keys and the Nancy Drew Files book, Sea of Suspicion. Members held a M&G party at the Marriott Beachside resort, went on a spooky interactive ghost tour of Key West, held a Nancy Drew event with merchandise and a visit from the producers of the Nancy Drew Broadway play planned for 2020 and a fantastic sunset sail. An "Amazing Case" treasure hunt for prizes had members searching treasure chests for clues to find the prizes. A Nancy Drew event with speakers was held at author Judy Blume's book shop, Books and Books, and then a full set of Nancy Drew books was donated to the Key West Public Library for circulation. The week was capped off by a mystery dinner at Mangoes Restaurant.

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