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The Masquerade Mystery: A Two Minute Nancy Drew Mystery by Kay R. Olynkeen

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Case: -- The Masquerade Mystery

Crime: -- Stolen checks worth more than $100,000

Culprit: -- Tanya Michaels

Reason: -- To pay off her teacher so she and her boyfriend could get higher grades

Clues: -- Tanya, in her school girl outfit, came into the party with her brown-bag lunch and some books. After the crime was committed, Nancy saw Tanya standing by the bookcases, but all she was holding was her brown-bag lunch. She had placed the books on the bookshelf, hoping no one would notice, and with the checks stuffed inside the books, no one would find her with the evidence! She could then come back into the library later to retrieve the books and the checks! When Nancy saw her throw the brown bag away, it dawned on her that Tanya no longer had her books with her. This, plus fact that Tanya admitted to the Police Chief that she and Peter did not have high grades in Professor Lender's class and further admitted to knowing that the professor accepted bribes to give better grades, all added up to one very guilty thief!

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