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Sleuth Craft Corner: Nancy Drew Halloween Treat Bags

It is hard to know just how many trick or treaters you will get these days, but on average making up 20 to 30 of these treat bag kits or even just the bookmarks would be super! What a great way to inspire future Nancy Drew readers and excite current fans!

The idea is to create a treat bag with some Nancy Drew images on it. Into the bag goes the usual array of candy plus you can include a magnifying glass. These can be found at party stores or ordered at Oriental Traders. If you order at Oriental Traders, you get 144 for around 7 to 8 dollars. Several sleuths could order and share if you do not think you will need 144! The printable bookmark below is a super addition to a treat bag so be sure not to leave it out. Use your imagination--the sky is the limit!

Treat Bags and Labels:

Treat Bags:

For your treat bags, any of the following will work well:

  • Package of lunch style sacks--brown or white
  • Small gift bags in orange or black--with or without handles
  • cellophane bags

You can trim down the lunch bags and gift bags above to make smaller bags--or buy the small bags. The cellophane bags can be purchased in a large nearly foot tall size. However, if you check in the bakery/Wilton type section of a craft store, there are usually smaller size--about 6 or 7 inch tall bags you can use. All of these bags can be found at: Wal-Mart, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's and similar craft stores.

Use any of the following images to decorate your bags. Some are large and some are smaller depending on the size of bags you wish to make and you may want to use several on a bag.

There are several ways you can print these images:

1. Sticker Paper. You can purchase print and stick project paper at Wal-Mart or office supply stores like Office Max. The size of regular paper, once you print your images, you cut them out and peel off the back creating a sticker!

2. Sticker Machine. At craft stores such as Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn's Crafts, they have sticker machines in which you can insert your images and crank out stickers. These are very handy. There is also one that makes stickers and laminates so it would work well for the stickers and the bookmarks below! These are fairly inexpensive, and Michael's ad normally has a 40% off coupon each week you could use on this machine if it is not already on sale. JoAnn's sometimes has a 50% coupon in its weekly ad.

3. Plain Paper. Print on plain paper. Cut out images. Then affix to bag using double-sided tape, sticky roller, or a glue stick.

4. Iron on Transfer. Not the best way necessarily as these transfers can be temperamental! But you could print the images onto iron on transfer paper for color items if your bags are colored or for white items if your bags are white. This paper can be found at Wal-Mart and office supply stores. Sometimes in ironing, the image slips and the result is a smeared image or crackled in places. And you have to do this in a well ventilated place. I'd recommend 1-3 above over this option.

Printing the images:

Use the PDF links above to print sheets full of images. Or either highlight the images with your mouse or right click over them and select "copy" or "copy image" and then paste them in a word processing program or file page or graphics page and then print from there. Better to fill up a page of images so you don't waste paper.

Once printed, decorate your bags as you wish. If you want to do it the simplest and quickest way, select one image for each bag.

Treat Bag Images:


Print the following bookmarks. Laminate them using a lamination machine, clear tape, laminating sheets you can buy at office supply stores or Wal-Mart, or take them to a local copy shop to have laminated. Below you will notice that 2 of the bookmarks have more orange space at the top than the other 2. If you plan on adding a tassel or ribbon to your bookmark, print this image as there is room for you to punch a hole at the top! Tip: Use card stock when printing your bookmarks, they hold up better!

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